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Sugarpill Heart Breaker Palette: Review, Swatches, and Look

Today I have a review, swatches, and 'look' to share with you from the much anticipated Sugarpill Heart Breaker palette! If you have not heard of Sugarpill, it is a cosmetics company started by Amy Doan (aka Shrinkle) on Valentine's Day in 2010. Sugarpill is all about bold, bright colors. The current cosmetics lines include pressed eyeshadows, loose eyeshadows, and false eyelashes. In the 2+ years since its beginning, Sugarpill has quickly risen in popularity, with nearly 250,000 facebook followers as of today. Sugarpill is my favorite makeup brand due to the vibrant colors and high quality of its eyeshadows, so I am very excited to be reviewing the newest palette!

The Heart Breaker palette was released on May 18. I purchased it immediately and could not wait to try it out! I created a 'look' using all four colors in the palette. Read on for my review of the colors, 'eyelid swatches', and my Heart Breaker look. Enjoy!

Admission: I ordered more than just the Heart Breaker palette. =) The false lashes are for an upcoming photoshoot for my online jewelry shop website launch... more on that later. Here's a little view of my haul and the gorgeous palette packaging.
The palette itself comes with four huge eyeshadow pans - 4g of each color. For reference, a MAC eyeshadow pan comes with 1.5g of product, so these are hefty sized pans.

Front of the palette + flattened packaging box.

The gorgeous artwork on the box (girl + kitty) is by Miss Kika, my favorite artist! You can read more about the new Sugarpill palette packaging at this post on her website.

Palette Colors
Upper left: Acidberry
Upper right: Velocity
Bottom left: 2AM
Bottom right: Mochi

Personally, when reading eyeshadow reviews, I always come across posts with 'swatches' of the colors, usually shown on the arm. I have to say that while I appreciate the intention, arm swatches do not help me much in determining whether or not I want to buy a product. Often times, it is just too difficult to picture what the product will actually look on my eyes. As such, I decided to do 'eyelid swatches' instead, where I use one color on my entire eyelids so you can see what the product will really look. It is substantially more time consuming, but I hope it will be helpful.

For all photos, the only other products used on my eyelids were MAC primer, The Body Shop Carbon Black Eye Definer, and Maybelline Great Lash mascara in 'Blackest Black'. All eyeshadows were applied with a brush from The Body Shop.


Color: Acidberry is a matte, wasabi green color. I expected to like this color least but ended up really liking the shade, mostly because it is quite different from most other greens I have encountered.
Texture: The texture of Acidberry is a bit chalkier than I would have liked. However, the color applied fairly easily. Applying it to the lid was a quick process and I did not have too much difficulty blending it with other colors.


Color: Velocity is a matte, bright but deep, ocean blue shade. It is an intense shade. It looks a little more electric blue in the photos above - it is a little darker in person, as shown in the 'look' photo below.
Texture: This color applied smoothly but was a little difficult to handle when I tried to layer it for a more solid effect. Using just one sweep looked thin and uneven so it definitely needed to be layered to look decent. Once applied, it layered nicely.


Color: 2AM is a matte, pinkish purple color. It was my least favorite color of the palette, but mostly due to how it handles.
Texture: This color was similar to Velocity - smooth application but difficult to handle when I tried to layer it. Like velocity, using just one sweep of 2AM looked thin and uneven so it definitely needed to be layered to look decent. I found this color most difficult to spread evenly and blend, even on top of other colors.


Color: Mochi is a matte, green-blue / light turquoise shade. It is my favorite color in the palette by far! I was most excited to try this color and it did not disappoint. I have a lot of blues, but this is different from everything else I own. The color is vibrant once applied.
Texture: This color was very easy to apply and blended well with other colors.


I created this look over Acidberry, which I eyelid swatched last.


Upper eyelid, inner to outer: Mochi, Velocity, 2AM, Acidberry
Lower eyelid: Acidberry
Eyeliner: The Body Shop Carbon Black Eye Definer
Mascara: Maybelline Great Lash in Blackest Black

Overall Review
This was a fairly intense look in person, but on camera it appears more subtle. Trust me, the colors are strong! Also, if you are curious, the dress I am wearing is by Jessica Louise, my favorite clothing designer.

Most of the colors in this palette were more difficult to apply than the colors from the first two Sugarpill palettes. However, once applied, all of the colors were vibrant and appear highly pigmented, as I would expect from any Sugarpill color. I was a little disappointed by 2AM, but more than pleased by Mochi. I did not have any problems with the colors lasting, when worn over primer. I like the design of the palette - the only difficulty is keeping the shades from mixing and keeping the area around the eyeshadows clear of powder. Overall, I would not rate the palette as high as the first two Sugarpill palettes (Sweet Heart and Burning Heart), but if given the option for a do-over, I would purchase this palette again.

Where to Buy Heart Breaker
If you want to purchase the Heart Breaker palette for yourself, you can find it here for $34. The individual shades are also available for $12 each on the Sugarpill site. Personally, I think Sugarpill eyeshadows are a great deal for a few reasons - the pans are huge so the colors will last for a long time and the colors are unbeatable.

I hope you enjoyed the review, swatches, and look! Leave a comment letting me know if you would like to see more beauty reviews.

Thanks for joining me on day 3 of launch month!


  1. holy crap, the heartbreaker one looks really complicated!! you're crazy kels! =)
    and you do this with one eye closed .... i still dunno how to put on eye stuff without both eyes open and my mouth too ... weird reflex haha

    1. Apparently I need to hold another makeup lesson for you... haha.

  2. These all look so good on you Kelsea!!! ♥ ♥ ♥


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