Saturday, June 23, 2012

LA: Tarina Tarantino, Tokidoki, and So So Happy

After Unique LA, I insisted we stop by a few shops on Melrose before heading down to Carlsbad. Wish I had thought to look up the Betsey Johnson store there - well, at least we went to the San Diego store later.

First up: Tarina Tarantino!

If you somehow haven't heard of her, Tarina is a jewelry designer known for her bright, sparkly jewelry and her signature fuschia hair. As I expected, her store was adorable and so colorful! Yeah, that's me in the mirrors taking pictures. =)

Someday I will decorate at least one room in the house like her store is decorated. Pretty pastels and tons of colors!

We had to stop by Tokidoki, of course! Check out that sweet scene on the store window. I have Kaiju and Mooka in plushie version.

Skateboard wall. My friend Zoe and I were talking about how we both love decorative skateboards. Someday... Nope, not cool enough to actually use them functionally, but Tokidoki board always look awesome.

Awesome backdrop! They let me be weird and take a picture with the graphics wall, although it turned out to be hazardous. See that door on the wall right behind me? Yeah, it definitely opened (outward) while I was standing right there...

Later, we tried to go to the My Little Pony show at the Toy Art Gallery. It just wasn't meant to be. First, our GPS misled us - I swear, iPhones get me lost in foreign cities. As in... nowhere near the destination. Eventually we found it, but the lines were insanely long. Around two corners as far as we could see. So... I stopped by to take a picture with the So So Happy wall of a nearby shop and called it a day.

I did get a few items at the Tokidoki store. Truffle! Easter cactus bunny. Yeah that's right - Simone Legno of Tokidoki makes cactus animals! This was even before my love for cacti began. Totally meant to be. And I couldn't resist getting a few pins! The stickers were free with my purchase. =) I don't know about you, but I love getting stickers. Never grew out of it, I suppose. The stickers arrive with online orders but I wasn't sure about store purchases - pleasant surprise!

All in all, a fun day in LA! I wish we had more time there, though. I really wanted to try the macaron ice cream sandwiches at Milk, and go to a lot more stores like Japan LA.

Next time, I suppose!


  1. Love tarina Tarantino! I haven't been over to melrose in forever, you've inspired me!


  2. Yea! looks like an awesome time! love tokidoki! :D

    1. Me too - I'm totally obsessed! Haha.

  3. tarina store looks so pretty. i love the colors! :)


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