Friday, June 8, 2012

Lunch, Dessert, and Brunch in Portland

The weekend of the photoshoot was a crazy one. Jacob and I flew home from vacation in Carlsbad on a Friday afternoon. I stayed up to finish making the jewelry for the photoshoot and work on other preparations for my blog launch. The next day, I packed a bag quickly and made the three hour drive from Seattle down to Portland. Arrived at my friend Zoe's house around 2:30pm. We immediately headed over to the Lippman Co., the balloon/party store in Portland. Picked up balloons, stuffed them in her car (quite a task), then decided to try the restaurant next to the balloon store for lunch.

Boke Bowl was trendy and delicious, with a menu primarily featuring ramen and rice bowls with quirky ingredients. I am a total noodle fanatic and would typically select a ramen bowl. However, it was a surprisingly warm day (considering Portland's usual May weather) and noodle soup sounded less appetizing than usual. I ordered the tofu rice bowl, which came with lightly friend tofu and various vegetables. It was delicious! Zoe enjoyed her dish as well. I would definitely recommend Boke Bowl and I would like to try a ramen bowl next time I visit.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in a frantic rush of getting dressed up and made up... and then walking and driving around various places for the photoshoot before the sun went down completely. My brother Corbin flew back from college that day, so we went to pick him up from the airport. On the way back, we took a detour and stopped by Pix Patisserie for desserts.

Look at that mouthwatering display case! So many desserts to choose from, including the amusingly named "Big Cheryl's Ghetto Cake"... but we knew what we wanted.

We ordered a bag full of macarons. They were all delicious! Pix rotates its macaron flavors regularly, so we were able to try a few new flavors.

From left to right, below: fleur de sel, lime, pistachio, moscato (a sparkling wine), violet, and raspberry.

The next morning, before my drive back to Seattle, we had brunch at Broder.

The menu was full of scrumptious and complex-sounding breakfast items with interesting ingredients, cooked in unusual ways. We finally settled on two dishes to share, the first being a veggie 'omelet' of sorts with walnut bread, and the second being Danish pancakes with a choice of two side sauces. We selected maple syrup and lemon curd.

I always face the same conundrum at breakfast: savory or sweet? Sharing these dishes was a perfect solution. We also each ordered a dark hot chocolate. Everything was so good! The Danish pancakes were fluffy, delicious, and surprisingly filling - especially when paired with the two sauces.

On the way out, I noticed a cute pink bike rack outside. Art + bicycle accommodations? Very Portland.

If any of you happen to live in or visit Portland, I would highly recommend all of the three restaurants above. Granted, I have only been to each one once, but the food at each place was well cooked and tasted exquisite. Great work on restaurant choices, Zoe!

Thanks for joining me on day 8 of launch week!



  1. kinda crazy to think that you were only here for less than a day and we got so much crap done!!
    so glad you visited =) i had a lot of fun!
    i hope i can come up to see the seattle photoshoot! then we can have our usual boom noodles + trophy cupcakes + zoe's yogurt run ... man that seems like such a long time ago!

    *ps the pics look good, nice work! ;)

    1. High praise coming from you! I know, we were very efficient. And I like how 2 of the 3 places you named are for dessert... haha. I haven't had a PB&J cupcake in forever!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Rach! You have a cute blog. =)

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  4. Anonymous6/09/2012

    Love your article on places to eat in Portland. The pictures of the desserts and breakfast looks so yummy. Well done.

  5. The deserts look yummy! I live nowhere near portland so can't visit any of these places. but maybe if i'm ever in the area!

    Sita xx

    1. Oh, wow! Looks like you are in the UK? Definitely a bit far for you then! Well, hopefully you get to visit Portland someday... I think it's a great city. I may be biased, though. =)


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