Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hair Through the Years... Ideas Requested!

I have a hair appointment with my amazing hairdresser, Antonio, this Friday, and as usual, cannot quite decide what to do with my hair. I typically decide on the day of the appointment - sometimes while sitting in the chair. Hehe. I always change the color, but this time I also need to change the cut. After bleaching it to oblivion, I think my hair needs a break. BUT, it is lighter than it ever has been, and that is hard for me to give up... because I know if I dye it back to black and grow it out again, it will take an immense amount of work to bring it back to the point where I can dye it almost any color I want again. I am have been thinking of doing rainbow hair for quite a while now, and after seeing Kaylah's new hair color, I am dying to do a pastel rainbow of sorts. My current hair color is very blonde, with bright pink and blue streaks and purple tips, as seen in my launch photoshoot.

I started out with the best hair ever. Strong, silky, and vibrant. After years of dyeing and extensive bleach damage, it now feels completely dead. Since I never had hair issues before, I always just used generic shampoo and conditioner. I know virtually nothing about hair products. So I am going to try out some of the suggestions in San's post about how to make damaged hair look healthy, and hope my hair can survive one last hurrah. Then it's back to my natural black? With a few rebellious streaks, probably... =)

I dug up some pictures of a few previous hair colors... this one was Manic Panic: first Amplified Flash Lightning 40 Volume Bleach, then Amplified Vampire Red. There was also some leftover red from a previous dye job.

The next hair color I only had for about 30 minutes... before I dyed the blonde part blue!

And... the resulting blue. It was darker at first but later washed out to the color you can see in the bangs. Dyed with Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise.

And this one with Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink. That side streak was not intentional... haha. That's what happens when you lay your foil highlight strip across your head and some of the bleach/dye leaks through. =)

And of course you can tell a pro did the next one. No way I would be able to get it looking that good. This was when Antonio suggested I try extensions, so I had him dye them Cotton Candy Pink and tried them out for a while. It would be nice for my hair color and texture if these had worked out! Only problem is that the extensions irritated me too much. They looked great, though!

Jewelry - Locketship

Again, done by Antonio at the salon. This recent dye job included some bright pink and blue (color from the salon), which faded to a nice gradient.

Jewelry from an unreleased Kelsea Echo collection

SO. Appointment Friday. Suggestions, anyone? Color and/or cut. I think I am going to cut it about shoulder length to get rid of some of the damage. That is really short for me. Eep!


  1. Aw I like the blonde with the cotton candy pink! I'm also struggling with my hair. I'm a natural boring dirty blonde and my hair has been almost every color. I'm trying to grow it out and have it look healthy but I also am bored with it the color and style it is now. Any hair products that you find that work great for color damaged hair, you've GOT to share with me! Good luck xo

    1. I know, I wish those extensions had worked out! Too itchy for me, but they work great for some people.

      I will definitely let you know if I have success with any of those products! Thanks for visiting! =)

  2. I absolutely love the blue in your bangs! It looks so pretty! :)

    1. Thanks, Kaylah! The turquoise was one of my favorites. I was on sabbatical for six weeks, so I dyed half my hair blue as soon as it started... then had to dye it back at the end before returning to work. Loved the blue but it stained like none other!

    2. fransiska6/29/2012

      Blue bangsss loveee :)

  3. Your hair is so fun! If you are going to go shoulder length I think it would look great if it was angled shorter in the back and longer in the front. I feel like that would frame your face really well. As for color it would be cool if it was mostly dark with a few magenta highlights. Just an idea :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

    1. Thanks so much for the ideas, Naomi! One of my best friends suggested something similar, with the longer hair in the front than back. It may sound ironic, but I am fairly conservative with haircuts, so that scares me a little. I will definitely consider it, though!

      Color - I think that is a good idea for the next hair appointment, when I will (probably) dye most of it back to black and keep some bright highlights.

      =) Thanks again!


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