Monday, June 18, 2012

Carlsbad Inn

Earlier this month, I posted about the Unique LA, the craft fair we attended with our friends Andrew and Nico. After spending that day in LA, we drove to Carlsbad. This week, I will be sharing our photos and experiences from the trip.

We stayed at the Carlsbad Inn for six nights - got a sweet deal for it last year on LivingSocial. Our room was decent sized and contained a cozy kitchenette.

The inn hosts several events each day, but the only one we ended up attending was the welcome snack on the lawn of the inn. I was attracted by the offer of free food, Jacob by the offer of free wine (boxed, but apparently still good enough). =)

Hairpiece from an upcoming Kelsea Echo collection

Across the street from the back of the inn, there was a staircase to the beach.


If you recall, I have recently become enamored with cacti and succulents. Of course, they don't grow in the Pacific Northwest. But they do in Carlsbad!! We found these on the way down the staircase.

Okay, not only were there several succulents in little planters... there was a whole field of them! Blooming. Right along the path to the beach. I was ridiculously excited about it.

Hard to beat the beauty of rolling waves on the beach.

Later, walking around town, we came across a colorful surf shop where I bought a pair of sunglasses. Left mine at home thanks to always packing at the last minute... oops.

We also came across a few painted fire hydrants.

All in all it was a nice, cute little beach town. Lots of little shops and restaurants - to be posted soon!


  1. fransiska6/19/2012

    Huaa looks like u had a blast.. Love ur hair colors.. Very festive :D

    1. Thanks Siska! <3

      I'm actually posting some pictures later today of my various hair colors throughout the years... come back and let me know your opinion on what I should do next!! =)

      - Kels

  2. Love Carlsbad, my sister lives right up the road from there!


    1. Cool! We really enjoyed staying there. =)


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