Hi! I'm Kelsea, a girl in her mid-twenties living in the Greater Seattle Area. By day, I am a certified public accountant working at a large regional firm. I spend the rest of my time making jewelry and preparing for the official launch of my new online shop selling jewelry and accessories... and writing here.

If I had a personal tagline it would read "too many ideas, not enough time!" I love bright colors, gems, graffiti, predatory animals, and food. Seriously - I dream about food far more often than anyone should dream about anything. Occasionally, I dream up a new recipe - apparently my subconscious is that hungry. By self-restriction, I am only allowed to own plush animals, beta fish, and cacti (low maintenance living things) since I am terrible at taking care of things.

I started Pink Wonderland with the goal to help promote independent artists and small businesses. It is also my place to share outfits, projects, artwork, recipes, photographs, inspiration, and reviews with my wonderful readers. Eventually, I also plan to add resources and share advice for other small business owners, bloggers, and those entering the professional world, based on my background and experiences.

Why Pink Wonderland? Well, having pink in my hair began as my own little streak of rebellion - a reminder that no matter where I am or what I am doing, my creative side should never be quashed. It eventually evolved to rainbow hair, but that's another story. Nowadays, I am fortunate enough to hold a wonderful job where they don't mind me as I am (with colorful hair), and I have never been so happy working anywhere. As for wonderland... well, that originates from my love of everything Alice in Wonderland. Totally cliche, I know. But it also represents all of the amazing things around us. I am constantly in awe of what we can accomplish if we try hard enough.

Thanks for visiting!

P.S. My name is pronounced "KEL-see-uh" if you were curious!

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