Monday, June 11, 2012

10 For $10 or Less - Gift Guide

I am excited to be presenting my first gift guide on the blog! Need a cute little pick-me-up gift for yourself... without  making your bank account sad? I put together this fun guide of items that will cheer you up on a gloomy Monday without setting you back much. Lots of indie!

Ten Things That Will Make You Happy For $10 or Less
Gift Guide by Kelsea Echo

About my gift guides:
- Price listed in bold includes US shipping! This is a real expense for online buyers, so I made sure the items really were $10 or under, even factoring in shipping.
- Prices do not include sales tax, as it varies by the customer's location (often not applicable).
- All images belong to the respective shop owners.
- Full prices are listed, even though some shops are currently having storewide sales.

1. Rainbow Mermaid Print 5x7, $8
by White Stag
$6 + $2 US Shipping
Available here

I love this gorgeous, colorful and affordable piece by Terra Bidlespacher. I own this exact print and love it! She has plenty of other great artwork at her shop.

2. Sticker Pack, 5.50
by Bobsmade
5.50+ Free worldwide shipping
(approx. $7)
Available here

I love Bobsmade's artwork style... and I love stickers! I ordered two of these packs - one for me and another for a friend. They are great! And best of all, they ship free worldwide. Bobsmade also has some cool posters at great prices right now. I may pick one or two up this week!

3. Geisha Umeko Pocket Mirror, $7.71
by My Mimi
$6 + $1.71 US Shipping
Available here

I have ordered several pillows and a pocket mirror from Mimi, and I want to mention that she is the sweetest! All of her designs are adorable and colorful. Seriously, go check them out - you will not be disappointed!

4. Runaway Princess Bookmark, $5.50
by Hannah Lynn
$4 + $1.50 US Shipping
Available here

Hannah Lynn is one of my favorite artists! She draws colorful girls, often with pet animals. Her art is very affordable and she comes out with new pieces frequently. This cute little bookmark is available in any artwork piece from her shop, although I am partial to the "Runaway Princess," below (I love dragons). I have ordered a lot of artwork from Hannah, but every piece still amazes me when it arrives. I highly recommend visiting her shop! You will be hearing more about Hannah on the blog later this month. =)

5. Pink Blue Donut Necklace, $9.50
by Acrylicana
$6 + $3.50 US Shipping
Available here

Mary Winkler of Acrylicana has the cutest polymer and acrylic jewelry. She also sells her artwork in her shop. I personally own an acrylic cupcake ring, several ACEO art prints, some sticker sheets, and an original cupcake painting by Mary. She is all about colorful and adorable, which is right up my alley.

6. Loose Eyeshadow, $7.83
by Madison Street Beauty
$4.99 + $2.84 US Shipping
Available here

Madison Street Beauty is a great indie brand selling loose eyeshadows. I was initially hesitant to purchase makeup online, but after reading their incredible feedback, I decided to try it out. I am so glad I did! Purchased a few more, then some for my friends... I love their loose eyeshadows. The pan size is not huge for a loose eyeshadow, but their shadows are priced very reasonable. Plus, MSB often has storewide sales with very generous discounts. My personal favorite shade is starry night. For those concerned, MSB carries a large selection of vegan eyeshadows. Great brand!

7. Zombie Key Ring / Zipper Pull, $8
by Rubbish Tees
$5 + $3 US Shipping
Available here

I ordered a few magnets from Ashley of Rubbish Tees for Christmas gift packages last year, and she was incredible accommodating and helpful. Her shop is full of cute and awesome designs, featuring dinosaurs, sweets, birds, and all sorts of things. The designs below are some of my personal favorites - zombies! She also makes tote bags and other items, so be sure to check her shop out!

8. Don't Be Blue Sad Cloud, $8
by Veruka Dolls Land
$6 + $2 US Shipping
Available here

Sometimes all you need is a gloomy cloud to make you less gloomy. I adore Gwen of Veruka Dolls Land! I first ordered a sad cloud from Gwen last year to cheer up a sad friend... and she kindly added a custom note and gift packaging at no extra cost. I knew I had found a great seller. Later that year, I ordered a bunch of mini plushies from her for my Christmas gift packages. Gwen was great about working with me on some custom requests and colors. I even got a zombie voodoo doll plushie for myself!

9. Cactus Pup Blind Box, $9.99
by Tokidoki
$4.99 + $5 US Shipping
Available here

Tokidoki! Need I say more? I have the big version of these vinyl cactus pup toys, but have not gotten any of the blind box pups yet. If you are not sure what that means, basically, you order a box without knowing which pup you will be getting. Fun little surprise upon opening your box! Do you have a favorite pup?

10. Life Aquatic Button Set, $9
by Sugar Cookie
$7 + $2 US Shipping
Available here

Missy of Sugar Cookie draws all sorts of adorable pin sets. I love this one featuring some of my favorite aquatic animals. Shark, string ray, dolphin, and killer whale? Yes please! Some of her other pin sets feature dinosaurs, whales in love, and prickly things (cacuts + porcupine). So much fun! I definitely have plenty of Sugar Cookie on my wish list.

Hope you enjoyed my very first gift guide! Make your Monday cheerier and help out a small business by buying a little pick-me-up gift for yourself. =) Let me know if you decide to get anything!


  1. love the mermaid print too! :)

    1. Yeah, the colors are to die for.

      I love your blog, by the way! Found it a month or two ago and have been reading it diligently since. =)

  2. Kelsea - Thanks again for showing my Life Aquatic buttons on your Gift Guide. What great finds!

    1. Definitely - I love all of your pin sets!


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