Sunday, June 24, 2012

Seaworld, Part 2

More pictures (and a very short video) from our SeaWorld trip last month. You can see part 1 here.

As part of admission to SeaWorld, we had free access to various scheduled shows around the park. The comedy show was incredible, featuring two very well-trained sea lions named Clyde and Seamore, a seal, and an otter. We really enjoyed the show.

Check out the talented sea lion!

Of course, they had a dolphin show! Dolphins are one of my favorite animals, and I "hung out with a dolphin" during a Caribbean cruise two winters ago. They're so fun and playful. While the dolphins in the show were impressive, Jacob and I wished it had been a little more about the animals and less about the acrobatics, which dragged the show out a bit.

They did some pretty cool tricks!

Dolphins swimming together in a pod. =)

Between the shows, we ran over to catch the Shipwreck Rapids raft ride. We got completely soaked! As in... we looked like we had just been dunked. Of course, it didn't help that they have little "pay to shoot" water gun stations along the ride, and some evil spectators decided to help spray us!

So many Shamus!

They were quite talented as well. Jacob observed that while the trainers got in the water at the dolphin show, they most certainly did not at the killer whale show. Probably a very wise move.

Show-off! =)

If you are ever in the area and have a full day free, I would recommend visiting SeaWorld! Here are my tips:
- As discussed in part 1, buy tickets online, ahead of time, or through the multi-park pass deals. Substantial savings ($20+ per ticket).
- Make sure to allot at least six hours if you want to see everything. More if you plan to take breaks and/or eat at the park. It is a big place.
- Mark all of the shows and events you don't want to miss right at the start - a lot of the events only occur once or twice a day and you don't want to miss them! We made it to all of the ones we wanted to see.
- Wear good shoes. Again - big place. Lots of walking.

Jacob got me a plushie Shamu there, and I bought myself an adorable "melt hearts, not ice caps" penguin t-shirt at the gift shop. Too cute!


  1. Looks like an awesome time!

  2. Thanks for the hiking suggestion to Mt. sounds wonderful! This weekend I hope to do the hike to Sol Duc Falls. I love most of the hikes over in that area becuase it's close to my family in Sequim and the greenery is very lush (like the hike to Marymere Falls too!)

    This post about Sea World made me miss San Diego a favorite time of the year to go to Sea World is during Christmas! They have decorations everywere, Christmas music, lots of Christmas themed stages with performances set up around the's a blast...I highly recommend it if you decide to go back : )

    1. You're from San Diego? I would love to live there! I will have to remember about Sea World during Christmas - sounds like fun!!


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