Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Greek Gods Yogurt Review: Epic Deliciousness

This post could also be called "Breakfast for Night Owls Working Day Jobs." Yeah, that's me. I (should) wake up at 6am and leave for work at 7am to arrive by 8am. I am also, definitely, a night owl. If left to my own devices, I will almost always go to bed around 2am or later. Thus, 6am is painfully early for me, and the last thing I want to do is scramble around to find a decent breakfast.

Previously, I "solved" this problem by simply not eating breakfast. Unfortunately, this generally left me starving at 10am, or just snacking all morning. It is hard to think and work effectively when all you want to do is eat something. I also find that by skipping breakfast, I end up eating a lot more food throughout the day. I had to think of some options.

Yes, there are bagels. Occasionally, not a problem. Every day? No thanks - for one, I would get sick of them in about a week. And of course, I would prefer not to have a carbo-loaded breakfast every day. Then there are bars - quick, easy, and convenient. But bars for breakfast never really appealed to me - they seem more like afternoon snack food. I suppose in the end, the biggest problem is that I really just don't like breakfast unless it's a fancy omelet or french toast.

That is, I didn't like any simple breakfast items until I tried that Starbucks Greek yogurt and honey with granola parfait. Wow. Realistically though, I did not want to spend $3.45 and a trip to Starbucks (there goes time I could spend sleeping instead) every morning. I started trying out different brands of Greek (and Greek-style) yogurt from the grocery store. Some had unpleasant textures - others had a strange taste. Trust me, I tried everything else available (Oikos, Fage, Chobani, etc.), and even tossed some of them partway through. That's saying something since I really hate to waste food. I was not impressed... until I tried Greek Gods yogurt.

Well, I should have known. With a name that epic, how could it disappoint? I tried the honey flavor at first and loved it, but decided to try the other flavors available as well. Here are the results.

Price: More expensive than most yogurts (I have seen price ranging from $1.50 - $2) but less expensive than some traditional Greek yogurts. I generally stock up for a week or two when they go on sale.

Flavor: Honey and Vanilla Cinnamon Orange are excellent, but the Pomegranate was inedible, in my opinion. Honestly, the Pomegranate yogurt was a sickly pinkish (with a grey tinge, if that is possible) color that really did not appeal to me. The taste was not pleasant either. Other flavors (Fig, Plain) were not available at my local store.

Health Benefits: Greek Gods yogurt (which is labeled as "Greek-style yogurt" rather than just "Greek yogurt") has slightly less health benefits than the more traditional strained Greek yogurts such as Fage. There are still plenty of benefits, as with any yogurt. Personally, the "Greek-style" yogurt is fine with me as I am more concerned with the texture than how "authentic" it is.

Suggestions: As mentioned earlier, I get bored easily with breakfast items. I like to vary this up by mixing in small cut-up strawberry pieces and/or granola (certain cereals like honey-bunches of oats work for this too). Obviously, this would be overkill for the honey yogurt, but you could add a bit of honey to the vanilla or other flavors.

Bonus: Greek Gods was founded a group of friends in Seattle! Extra love.

Have you tried Greek Gods yogurt? What do you think?

P.S. Today is photoshoot day! You'll hear plenty more about that later, of course. =)


  1. haven't tried this, but i love greek yogurt, maybe i should!

  2. winkelhaven6/28/2012

    Fage and Wegman's brand plain greek yogurt are both good. Of course, the 2% tastes better than the 0%. I add muesli (Bob's Red Mill Old Country Style) to the yogurt, keep it overnight and eat it the following day - YUM!

    1. We don't have Wegman's here. =) Popular consensus is that Fage is the most 'authentic' of the Greek yogurt brands. I don't think I liked it but it's been a while!!

  3. Greek yogurt is one of my favorite snacks! It's also a tasty and healthy replacement for sour cream on tacos. I'll definitely have to check this brand out!

    1. Hope you like it! Definitely my favorite flavor. =)

  4. I love this yogurt! My favorite is honey (Hermes). I usually mix in some granola for breakfast or a snack. Sometimes I add a couple of scoops to dishes I cook.

  5. Anonymous12/05/2012

    This yogurt is delish! I love the honey strawberry! Fage is available at Walmart and is great with a honey as the sweetener.


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