Monday, October 1, 2012

Help a Heart Event

A week and a half ago was my little brother Corbin's birthday. I wrote a happy birthday post and told his story about the fight with heart disease. If you missed it, I really hope you go back and read that post as it sets the tone for today's part two post - what I'd consider the most important thing I've written on my blog thus far.
New heart-themed designs in the shop.

Part Two - The Help a Heart Event
As I mentioned in Part One, I am participating in the Heart Walk again this year, which benefits the American Heart Association (AHA). I typically send an e-mail to close relatives asking for donations and many of them have generously contributed over the years. This year, I thought hard about what I could do to step up my fundraising efforts and also express my appreciation for everyone who contributes to the fight against heart disease, the leading cause of death in the United States. I decided to start the Help a Heart Event.

ALL revenue from my Etsy jewelry shops will be donated to the AHA from now until the Heart Walk. As an added incentive, I'm temporarily discounting everything in my main shop by 20%, so everyone wins! And I really do mean that I’m donating 100% of the purchase price, meaning if you pay $25 for a piece, the AHA will get $25. I am donating the materials, time and expertise in making the pieces, Etsy fees, and shipping cost. Help a Heart will be a combined effort from you and me. =)

I designed several heart-inspired pieces with the event in mind and I also included quite a few Halloween-themed designs to make things fun! I'll be adding lots of new items to the shop over the next few weeks.

You can participate in a several ways.

1.   Donate directly to the AHA on my page here (minimum online donation is $25). If you want to donate a smaller amount, contact me at! I'd love for you to also send me an e-mail so I can thank you personally. =)

2.   Buy anything in my etsy shops: cameo jewelry & boxes, polymer clay jewelry, gemstone jewelry. I'll then take the revenue and donate to the AHA every few purchases/days.

3.   Contact me to set up a purchase. E-mail me at letting me know what you’re interested in – the heart necklaces, a custom piece, etc. We can talk about the minimum donation amount for the piece you have in mind, and we can talk details.

4.   Donate products. Are you a vendor? If you’re interested in donating revenue from some of your own products, please contact me! It's for a great cause and I will do what I can to bring some exposure to your shop - possible vendor highlight posts, and at the very least, mentions on the HELP A HEART page + social media love.

5.   Share your story. If you have heart disease/heart problems or know someone who does and is comfortable telling their story, I would love to hear it and share it on my blog. Please contact me at

6.   SPREAD THE WORD!! Please, please, please. Anything helps. A link on facebook. An e-mail to friends or family you think might be interested. A tweet. A blog post. Adding a badge to your page. Anything. I appreciate it so much – by all means tag me or let me know! I am also happy to do a guest post about Help a Heart on your blog – let me know! I may even send you a little thank you gift. ;) Also doing some limited giveaways to spread the word. You can link this post or the HELP A HEART page, which I set up for this event and will be updating regularly.

Basically, I want to make this as easy and rewarding for you as possible. I'll be putting up custom piece listings, which I will likely take down after this event. I will try to set up some grab bags for surprise items. I’m finishing up and finally posting tons of half-completed pieces in my studio. Whatever I can think of to make this fun and beneficial for everyone!

I’ll post new things available, links to donation grab bags in my supply shop, etc. I will also post updates & new items on my Pink Wonderland and Kelsea Echo facebook pages.

This event lasts until 5PM PST OCTOBER 19th. The earlier the better so I have time to get everyone’s donations in before the Heart Walk on the morning of October 20th.

Please contact me if you have any questions, thoughts, ideas... anything! Thank you so much for reading this post and I really hope you participate, even if it’s just by spreading the word!

I have no idea how this will go, but I have high hopes! Let's see how much we can raise together. =)


  1. My brother had heart problems growing can be really scary.....good for you for making a difference! BIG hug <3

    1. Any problems related to the heart really are terrifying. Thanks for sharing about your brother, Carrie, and for being so sweet!

  2. Wonderful post my friend. I will see what I can do to help you out!

    xx Susie


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