Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Yarn Bombed... and New Hair!

Maybe I am just living under a rock, but the first I heard of yarn bombing was when Elycia wrote about it in June. I don't knit so I wasn't quite as cool as Elycia, who actually made her own pretty, colorful contribution... but I did come across a little yarn bombed haven on the way home from the salon the other day!

If I hadn't read about it previously, I would have been incredibly confused when I drove by the busy street, with cute little trees all cozied and brightened up along either side (though it would have been a pleasant surprise regardless). Armed with my (limited) knowledge of yarn bombing, I was very excited to see it near my neighborhood! So, naturally, I dragged Jacob back that weekend to check it out and take pictures with me. Meanwhile, all of the cars on the very busy street probably thought it was strange to see this girl with bright hair posing with a bunch of trees. Eh well. =)

Oh, and I did mention I was coming back from the salon... which means new hair, of course! We (all hair color decisions are a collaborative effort between me and Antonio, the best hair stylist ever) did end up adding a little purple later and touching up some spots that didn't work quite right, but this is pretty close to what my hair looks like at the moment. My new hair goes so well with my new Starry Eyed bow and favorite Tieks too.

Thought I'd go with a literal interpretation of the term "tree-hugger."

Jacob popped in to take a picture with the tree he matched best.

It looks like whoever got to the trees (I'm assuming this is the same crowd) added wings to the horse statues in front of the park nearby as well! Pegasus x 2!!

View from the hill at the park... you can see the little yarn-bombed trees in the background. I am in love with my ruffly blue shirt from Vivo... it reminds me of a layer cake.

Tank Top - Vivo
Jeans & Purse - Guess
Electric Snake Flats - Tieks
Heart Hair Bow - Starry Eyed
Jewelry - Kelsea Echo

Don't forget... all of the jewelry pictured is available in my shop for 25% off and 100% of revenue goes to the American Heart Association until October 19! Also, Starry Eyed is having a 15% off sale with the coupon code "HELLOFALL" until October 15 - their bows are super cute and affordable.

I love anything that makes the world a more colorful place. Thanks, super cool anonymous yarn-bombers!!


  1. I have never heard of yarn bombing but I have never seen cozier looking trees! :)

    And omg your new hair is like candy coated cuteness..and the jewelry and outfit *_* I could go on and on lol


    1. Thanks, Aubree! This outfit/hair is pretty much my favorite color combination... so I'm pretty happy with it! =D

  2. So cool! I would love to come across an entire street with yarn bombed trees! You are too cute!

  3. I LOVE your flats, I LOVE your hair, and I LOVE yarn bombing. I need to learn how to do it. SO rad. xoxo

    1. Thanks, Cara! Hehe me too.

  4. How awesome do the trees look?! I've not seen anything like this before

  5. so pretty! love your hair!

  6. YAY TREE COZIES! I wish I came across something like this in real life. Must have taken a lot of knitting or crocheting to create all that! So cute :3

    xoxo, Sarah

    1. Hah no kidding! I'm thinking maybe it was for one of those yarn bombing days where a bunch of different people each decorated a tree? The styles looked different too so I'm thinking that's what happened!

  7. That's so awesome!

    I really love your jewelry!

  8. I've never seen yarn bombing in person, but I would love to! Also, I love your new hair.

    <3 Melissa


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