Thursday, October 18, 2012

Help a Heart Update #2 & Fun Heart Links

Tomorrow is your last chance to place an order or donate via Help a Heart.
We have raised $802 together!!
While that is incredible and so humbling, I'd love to see if we can make it to $1,000! For anyone new, all revenue in my shop benefits the American Heart Association until tomorrow, October 19! First, I want to share a story from a coworker, Cathy, who explains why all of the funds we raise for the American Heart Association means so much to her. Then giveaways, new products, and other heart-related links. =)

Cathy's Story
Here’s my heart story.

June 6, 2004, changed my life forever.  That’s when I had a stroke.  Yes, a stroke at 48 years old.  It was caused by a birth defect…a hole in my heart…called a Patent Foramen Ovalle (PFO).  That was eight years ago and I still have left hand numbness and weakness and let’s just say the brain will never be the same.  But I am a very lucky stroke victim with minimal side effects.  Because we all know someone that has had a stroke event that did not fare as well.

So I gladly raise funds for the American Heart Association because it does hit close to my heart.

Congratulations to everyone who won a giveaway that has ended! There are still three giveaways currently running (including one new one since my first update). All of them offer extra entries for any purchases made to benefit Help a Heart. Please go visit these lovely ladies and enter the giveaways! And if you've already made a purchase, don't forget to get your extra entries! ;)
Jessa of Caked Vintage
Kate of Scathingly Brilliant
Mandy of Miss Indie

New Products in the SHOP!
I posted new headbands, purse charms, earrings, and lots more rings in the shop! Check them out! I also have hair pin sets and a few more garden rings that will post tonight in the final batch. =) Sorry for the crappy photos... I pulled an all-nighter trying to finish photographing and posting everything and still didn't make it. But I promise everything is really pretty in person! Click here to check out the new items above and so much more!

Heart Links (a mini T&TT post)
Just for fun, I thought I'd share a few pretty heart-related things I've found around the internet! Especially since I'm skipping out on Thoughts & Things Thursday again... so just a few links for you this time around. =)

Check out Katie's amazing and nostalgic finds! Love how she organized them in hearts by color. Man, what a find.
Aubree wrote about these pretty Milk brand bags, including the heart-shaped one below!

And... I'll admit, this isn't exactly heart-themed. But look at those giant hearts the dinos with mustaches are holding! Amazing, right? Definitely getting a set of custom matryoshka dolls from the Ponychops shop someday!! Chantal is one talented lady.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in Help a Heart in some way! If you have anything to spare and want to pick up some cute jewelry for yourself or as a gift (holidays quickly approaching!), please consider purchasing from my shop today or tomorrow! 100% of the purchase price will go toward a great cause!

Thoughts and Things Thursday is a weekly feature where I share links to articles and posts I enjoyed reading, artists I discovered, pictures I came across, and more. These may include things I found funny, heartwarming, sad, ridiculous, interesting, heartbreaking, or just important to share. Some are themed, others miscellaneous. They are things that got my attention and what I thought of them. You can read all of my T&TT posts here.


  1. Aw thanks for linking up with my post :) And $802 is amazing! Congrats, and it's all for an awesome cause.


  2. I think you won Aizzing's giveaway, dear!

  3. I love the heart shaped bag!! The colour is so perfect too.

  4. You have such cute items in your shop! Congrats on making that much money on a great cause :)


  5. Hey, I really like your blog! And I also love pink!

  6. ohmigosh, those are the most adorable matryoshka (hopefully correct spelling :P) dolls that I've ever seen! I also love the traditional ones, but these ones are so unique.

    1. AREN'T THEY? Chantal does custom painted Matryoshka too... they're so cute!

  7. Anonymous10/23/2012

    The pink heart with all the random things in it is AWESOME!

    Nina from

    1. I agree! There are all different colors if you click the link. =)

  8. This made my day <3 you're so kind for featuring me, thank you!

    1. You have the cutest stuff in your shop!

  9. So happy for you and this achievement! And thanks for the sweet comment on my market opening <3

    1. Thank you! Your market looks so cool!

  10. I WANT ALL THAT STUFF! Ah I love that nostalgic hear -- I remember getting those Barbie figures from mcdonalds! :D



  11. That milk bag is to die for.


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