Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September 2012 Favorites

This past month has been completely insane, so I'm a few days behind on my September recap post. But better late than never, right? A quick little update: I added blog buttons to the Help a Heart page in case you want to help spread the word! Also, a few awesome bloggers are hosting giveaways to bring some exposure to Help a Heart, so I'll keep you updated on those. Aizzing of Icing and Write posted the first giveaway today so head over to her blog if you want a chance to win a Kelsea Echo gift certificate.

Now for my favorites!

My favorite posts in September
I shared my pictures of birds and reptiles from a trip to the San Diego Zoo back in May! I am in love with those gorgeous snakes!

I made Jacob a homemade cookies 'n' cream ice cream cake for his birthday this year. And you can make one too! Provided you have a lot of time and dedication. =D
Started a mini-series about an awesome day trip to three paper stores. The first was Papyrus.

I tried out the It's Paper Dear subscription box for the first time and loved it! 

A bit of a more serious post on getting through depression.
And on a happier note, my mom celebrated her birthday on the 16th, and my brother, Corbin, celebrated his on the 21st. I shared Corbin's story about heart disease, which was the kick off to the Help a Heart campaign I'm currently running.
I interviewed Lauren Rudeck of LaRu, the very first Seattle-based artist to appear on the blog. Can't wait to attend her shop's grand opening event later this month!

Blogs I enjoyed reading this month
Yes and Yes by Sarah - The concept of Sarah's blog is so cool. She shares posts from people who have experienced all sorts of things or work in interesting professions - someone who had heart surgery, an aerialist, an egg donor... and so much more. It's all about learning a little of what it's like to be someone else and to encourage you to go out and do something adventurous. Love it!

The Cookie Button by Sammy - I knew as soon as I read the name of Sammy's blog that it would be a favorite! Isn't it brilliant? Sammy's artistic, generous, and all around awesome... plus, she's always sharing beautiful things on her blog. Excited to read about her adventures with learning about textiles!

Bodacious Thought by Dorien - I've read so many times that one of many bloggers' favorite things about blogging is building a community and (virtually) meeting great people. Even though my blog is just a few months old, I can already say the same, and people like Dorien are the reason why! She's one of the kindest, most generous, and completely genuine bloggers I've come across. It's been so much fun reading about her adventures (especially her recent trip to London) and I look forward to lots more of it!

Caked Vintage by Jessa - Another incredible blogger. If you haven't visited Jessa's blog, it is an absolute must. I was initially drawn by the pretty pastel rainbow colors, but I quickly found that her content is even cooler. I promise you'll be stunned too by Jessa's brilliant photography, her purple-tinted hair, and her lovely writing style.

P.S. If you're new to Pink Wonderland, check out my previous monthly recaps!


  1. Oh my god, thank you so freaking much! Those are some pretty huge compliments! I can honestly say the same things about you :) I love your blog and I love what you're doing! xoxo Dorien

    1. Dorien, you are awesome - the least I could do is a little blog shout-out! =)

  2. Your pics from the san Diego zoo are so almost made me miss it there......the Zoo and Balboa Park are two of my favorite daytime activities in San Diego.....going back to look at more of those pics now :D

    1. Ahh we missed Balboa Park - ran out of time, sadly! There's so much to do in San Diego. And I totally agree - it's SUCH a good zoo!

  3. Yummy cake with oreo biscuits *-* omnomnomnomnomnom

  4. Anonymous10/04/2012

    You are so kind :)
    You have made me all kinds of happy xox

    1. Sammy, you are awesome! <3

  5. A recap blog is a really good idea! :] That cake looks incredibly delicious... I should be studying now so I'll be checking out those blogs and entering that giveaway later. Your necklaces are so cute (looking at Aizzing's blog).

    xoxo, Sarah

    1. Heh, procrastinating - very nice! There are a few giveaways going on, so you should definitely check them out! (All links in my latest post.)


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