Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thoughts & Things Thursday #7

First, I just wanted to mention that I guest posted on Even Sweeter Dreams yesterday! I wrote about a storage/repurposing project I did a while back - you can read about it here. Thanks for posting it, Susie!

Now on to thoughts and things. =)

+ Remember Sugarpill, my favorite makeup brand? I reviewed their new (at the time) Heartbreaker palette back in June. Well, they finally launched their Beautylish shop with discounted trios and other deals, along with the release of their limited edition pressed sparkly red eyeshadow @#$%! (yes, that's the actual name). I would totally get some goods if I didn't already own pretty much everything... I love their new palette redesign - guess I'll have to wait until they come out with a new palette. If I didn't already own two of the colors, I would definitely get Frostbitten (below)! Maybe I'll purchase something for a giveaway I'm planning... =)

+ I usually don't include links to things on A Beautiful Mess because pretty much everyone already follows them... but this sushi salad was too good to pass up! Oh, and this recipe for pumpkin spice cream cheese may save me trips to Noah's bagels. And this pumpkin spice creme brulee, which sounds like the best thing ever. =) Mmm... must try!

+ Tetris cake with macarons! Hah. That's all I need to say about that, I'm pretty sure. (via Drop Dead Kawaii)

+ I get my hair dyed by Antonio at CoCo & Co Salon, but if you prefer DIY hair, Yume shared this tutorial on dyeing your hair pastel blue.

+ Jessica made these delicious Half-Birthday Sprinkle Pancakes... my mouth is watering! I can totally make this to celebrate my Quarter-Birthday. That's legit... right?

+ This MAC birthday cake is fantastic! (via Mandy)

+ You need to sign a liability waiver to eat this ice cream. WHAAT! I don't do spicy so this isn't my thing, but I do find it funny. (via CoolHAUS)

+ Hayley made these cotton candy bars... mmm (via Violet)! Also these cinnamon caramel-stuffed snickerdoodles... GOSH best ideas ever!

+ Natalie (Leslie of Darling Stewie's sister) shared this cool makeup brush cups DIY project. I am looking for good organization projects for my new house that are quick, inexpensive, and cute/pretty, so this is perfect! By the way, if you have any such projects to share with me, let me know via comment or e-mail! =)

+ Kaylah, Katie, and Bonnie are judging the Modcloth Chic in a Snapshot contest! Are you going to enter? The prize is a $100 Modcloth gift card... fun! Below are some of my current Modcloth favorites.

+ I love seeing fellow bloggers' craft spaces... especially when they're this pretty! Beth shared her gorgeous craft room and I am definitely inspired to start designing mine. =) Best part? There's an equally gorgeous part two!

+ Check out Daphne's new handmade dress! So adorable - I love the simple but flattering silhouette and of course, the super sweet and colorful print. This is exactly why I need to learn how to sew!

+ Even though I would probably flip out because I'm terrified of bugs (I once returned a shirt after inspecting it closely and discovering a giant bug in the printed design), Kaylah's praying mantis post is pretty awesome! At least it's a cool bug... although I think I would prefer looking at her photos to having one on me. =)

+ These beautiful pieces by Pip & Pop are super sweet, colorful, and delectable! Like a cotton candy dream. (via Sammy)

+ Merve Kahraman's 2012 collection features these deer & bunny parahuman chairs. Very cool and surreal. (via Rudy)

+ Check out Gwen and Jason's gorgeous rainbow wedding! Totally my style. Now I'm even more certain I want a pastel rainbow wedding someday!

+ Are you an artist looking to understand copyright law a little better? Kiffanie breaks it down in simple terms.

+ Check out the zombie cake at this wedding? Definitely unique!

This week was full of light-hearted and pretty in Blogland. I could use the smiles after a long week of moving! I would post some pictures... but really. No one wants to see that. Trust me, it's worth waiting until everything is tidied up, which could be about a year from now. =)


  1. I love the art by Pip & Pop!!

    1. Me too! How cool would it be to own one of those? Or even see it in person...

  2. That stack of pancakes with frosting looks too amazing! I want a birthday 'cake' like that too

    1. I agree! Best birthday breakfast ever. =)

  3. Great links, that rainbow wedding was super cute!

    1. Yeah, rainbow themes are the best!


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