Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Farmers' Market

Here in Seattle, we (sorta) almost broke the dry spell streak with 48 days of no rain. Alas, broken with fourteen minutes of rain overnight. Ah well! Forecast calls for sunny skies the rest of the week - I'll be grateful for that. Along with a bunch of other sad things, the end of summer means the end of farmers' markets for a while.
Last year, Jacob and I were excited to see signs for a new farmers' market held just blocks away from our house. We just moved last week and I'm already sad we'll be missing out on our little market in the future! I'm sure we'll find one next year in our new neighborhood, though. Fingers crossed! =)
I am embarassed to say that I actually did buy some delicious-looking fresh okra, fully intending to cook it as one of my birthday goals... only to have it go bad in my refrigerator. Oops. Next year?
We have had so many of these delicious peaches over the summer! Still have a few left at home, but not for long, I'm sure. =)
 And... my absolute favorite bakery ever, Forest Fairy Bakery. THE CINNAMON BREAD. It is so, so good! And the pumpkin bread too. The owners are super sweet, to boot!
Don't those look good? Last time we went, we picked up one of those giant cinnamon rolls (pictured in the round tin foil pan above), which is really four rolls combined.

Oh, and the berries. Sweet summer berries galore!

Last year we discovered this incredible pasta vendor, 18th Ave Pasta, at the market. We were heartbroken to find that they weren't at our little market this year. However, we ended up finding them online and stalking them at another market. Yes, I sent Jacob, and yes, he bought $20 worth of pasta (below). We also went back a few weeks later and bought another $20 worth. Hehe. Gotta stock up for the year! It really is the best pasta ever. I will share more pictures of their booth in another post!
And... when Jacob was at the bigger farmers' market (where the pasta vendor was), he also brought me back a bouquet of gorgeous flowers. Good boyfriend points awarded!


  1. beautiful! I can't wait to go to my farmer's market this weekend! love your blog, thanks for your comments over on mine too :) I'll be following!!

    1. Thanks, Shanti! I hope we find a good farmer's market near our new house!


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