Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thoughts & Things Thursday #6

Today is our big moving day! While we deal with boxes and a big clunky U-Haul, check out these links. =)

+ These lolita nail strips look so cute! And these Tattooed Disney Princesses? Awesome! Both blogged on Drop Dead Kawaii.

+ While we're on the subject of Disney, check out Jessica's Tinkerbell nails!

+ And... more Disney princesses. This photo shoot might be from 2005, but it's new to me! Gorgeous take on Beauty and the Beast for Vogue. Blogged by Violet, who also linked this gorgeous mint green lace trim dress.

+ This is from way back, but when I posted a link to Liz's blog in my August recap, I realized that I never shared this adorable proposal video Nara made for Liz. I'm not one for super mushy stuff, but this is seriously cute!

+ To be honest, I don't know a whole lot about Kat Von D, but I do like this Victorian cameo teapot & set (rest of the set available in other listings) in her Wonderland Gallery Shop.
+ Any die-hard moviegoers out there? You'll love Amy and Phil's movie-themed wedding! That's right, her bridesmaids wore Star Wars themed dresses. For real.

+ Danielle took these beautiful pastel pretty photos on her trip to San Luis Obispo.

+ Kate Gabrielle posted what could be her favorite outfit ever. And I think it's my favorite outfit of hers!

+ I am totally jealous of Safia's mad hatter's tea experience!
Twinkie Chan made four adorable crochet paintings for a recent show... and they're animal macaron themed! For real. I definitely want a crochet painting adorning my walls someday! She also did a cool (and super simple) jawbreaker candy nails tutorial.

Eeka linked this delicious cupcake tattoo with skulls!

+ How cute is Daisy's miow doodle?

+ And, more cute stuff from Shana! A baby armadillo and a dog being tickled!
+ On a serious note, read this New Yorker article about the legitimate children of rape. Yes, it happens. Found via Gala Darling

+ Let's just end bullying, cyber or in person. Seriously. So much hate.

Thoughts and Things Thursday is a weekly feature where I share links to articles and posts I enjoyed reading, artists I discovered, pictures I came across, and more. These may include things I found funny, heartwarming, sad, ridiculous, interesting, heartbreaking, or just important to share. Some are themed, others miscellaneous. They are things that got my attention and what I thought of them. You can read all of my T&TT posts here.

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