Friday, August 31, 2012

August 2012 Recap and Favorites

I can't believe it's almost September already! This year has flown by. August was a fun (and artsy!) month, with the introduction of two weekly features - Art Journaling and Thoughts & Things Thursday. I am hoping to post a little more frequently in September - despite moving to a new house in less than a week, I think it's doable. Guess we'll see!

My favorite posts in August:
Started art journaling once a week, following along with Jenny and Aaron's classes.

Shared my creative space... before the big move next week.
Finally got my zombie unicorn dress! Zombies were a recurring theme this month, with my Zombie Edition Thoughts and Things Thursday.
Interviewed the August Artist of the Month, Jen Kiddo, and posted some of her amazing artwork.

Blogs I enjoyed reading this month:
Even Sweeter Dreams by Susie - Not only is Susie one of the sweetest bloggers you'll meet, she has great taste! Her blog is full of beautiful inspiration. Plus, she redid her design this month and I've said before (but I'll say it again) - I am in love with her new banner. Susie and I have a fun exchange coming up... you'll hear about that soon!

Cute in Korea by Elle/Liz - I've followed Cute in Korea right from the beginning, as it is written by Liz Lorini, one of my all-time favorite artists/illustrators! You can see her work here. Liz lived and worked in San Francisco for a while, but last year she moved to Korea to be with Nara, her Korean fiancee (who also happens to be a brilliant artist). Cute in Korea is all about her adventures discovering, well, the cuteness all around her new (for now) country.

Little Chief Honeybee by Kaelah - Anyone who has been in the blogging world for more than a few weeks has probably discovered LCH, but seriously, how amazing is Kaelah's blog? Her own description states that she "dresses like every day is a tea party." Her frequent outfit posts definitely live up to that.

Mermaidens by Kailey - So much pastel prettiness. Can you tell I'm still on a pastel kick? Ever since the Locketship x Miss Kika Sparkling Sea collection came out, I think everything mermaid is awesome. Plus, Pistachio, her amazingly cute zine named after the delicious ice cream flavor, is both dreamy, gorgeous, and free.

P.S. If you're new to Pink Wonderland, check out my July and June recaps!


  1. Oh what a wonderful month dear!
    It was great to be creative with you, through our blogs and artjournaling. Can't wait for our exchange!
    And thanks so much for your sweet words about my blog!!

    1. Ah I know, I'm so glad we found each other! Hah, I am going to post about the three paper stores I visited soon, and you'll be even more excited for our exchange!! <3

    2. Oh boy, what a way to make me even more excited haha :o) Something to look forward to after my holiday (which is only a week away! Woop)


  2. Wow, your art journal is so beautiful and cute!!


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