Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thoughts and Things Thursday #1

I am excited to introduce my very first weekly feature: Thoughts and Things Thursday! After last week's link-sharing post, I couldn't wait to share more articles, thoughts, and random finds with my readers. So I thought... why not make it a weekly thing? Here goes!

+ I found Olivia Wilde's tweet about tanning beds quite amusing. Personally, I have never used a tanning bed - I guess something about growing up as a cancer surgeon's daughter stuck.
+ This article about monochromatic New Yorkers reminded me of Carolyn, one of my best friends in the world. She is not quite monochromatic, but I'm sure she wouldn't mind wearing and being surrounded by light blue for eternity! I am pretty much the opposite (if anything, rainbow is my favorite color), but sometimes I wish I could just choose a favorite color that would stick for more than a year.

+ How cool is this sleeping bag? Best part: optional matching veggie pillows available for purchase.
+ Susie is setting up an awesome snail mail exchange as a one month celebration for her blog. You can join here! I seriously agonized over joining, but ultimately decided I didn't have time (sadly). Susie promised to do another one later this year though! I'm hoping for a winter card exchange. =)

+ I enjoyed reading Dana's blogging series about her entrepreneurial roots. In Part 1, she talks about how she began learning her computer skills and discovered the usefulness of the Internet, and in Part 2, she discusses Sugardevil, her t-shirt company. What an awesome name. Can't wait to read Part 3!

+ Seeing as I am frequently thinking about getting my first tattoo, this article about how to get a great tattoo and never regret it, by Gala Darling, was right on. I really need to start drawing...

+ Could anything be more adorable than these birds?
+ Anyone up for vacation? I would love to stay at this gorgeous underwater hotel.

+ Bloggess has a great new product available for anyone dealing with food thieves. I could have used one of these in college!

+ I am seriously considering trying Elycia's whiteboard paint idea somewhere in my new house*!

+ New to blogging or been at it for a while and feeling down about the results? It may help to read Kat's advice for struggling bloggers.

+ Emma shared five delicious recipes for homemade ice cream. Lucky charms ice cream? Yes, please! With extra lucky charms on top.
+ I got my quarterly VISA gift card in the mail from work today, and I'm agonizing over what to get. I'm supposed to be limiting my spending, but this gift card is like my freebie pass. Must use wisely! I am eyeing this teal and pink cake dress, this adorable print by Jenny & Aaron Holiday (I don't care if it's not Christmas!), the new Rock N Roll Bride magazine, this Tokidoki cactus rocker, this bow mystery pack, and this pink glitter mermaid necklace... among other things.

+ Leslie is a nail polish genius, and she amazed me once again with these love letter nails.

Thanks for reading my first T&TT post!

*Oh yeah, I bought a house today. =)

Thoughts and Things Thursday is a weekly feature where I share links to articles and posts I enjoyed reading, artists I discovered, pictures I came across, and more. These may include things I found funny, heartwarming, sad, ridiculous, interesting, heartbreaking, or just important to share. Some are themed, others miscellaneous. They are things that got my attention and what I thought of them. You can read all of my T&TT posts here.


  1. Super cute! The tanning bed post made me laugh. GOSH! Ha! And that sleeping bag is too cool.
    Have a fabulous Thursday!

    1. Hehe, isn't it awesome? That shop has a bunch of other sweet sleeping bags too!

  2. Thank so much for linking my blog! Hope many people will join my snail mail exchange :)
    And congrats on buying a house!!! That's awesome!

    Xx Susie

    1. Thank you! I hope people join your exchange too - it's such a fun idea. And I will be posting a bunch about the new house on my blog... I have so many decorating ideas it's not even funny!

  3. There are a lot of cool links in here, I'm definitely considering the snail mail exchange. Oh and congratulations on the house, it's weird but I'm totally excited for you! :D

    1. Oh, I hope you do join the exchange! Susie is so sweet and cool. =)

      THANKS!!! I am so excited about the house!!

  4. PLO isso DES tweet is hilarious!! Congratscon your new house :)


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