Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thoughts & Things Thursday #3

This week just flew by! Time for another T&TT post, after which I will be finishing up my current art journaling piece. =) Happy Thursday!

+ It's shark week! Seeing as they are my favorite (non-mythical) animal, I was tempted to make this post shark-themed. There were too many other good links to share or I would have... but I am slipping in this awesome shark sign.
+ This article about weight-shaming by V.V. boils the problem down to its roots.

+ I enjoyed reading about Sonya Darrow, the super crafty thrift artist who makes her own clothing and other items using materials from Goodwill.

+ These patchwork nails by Leslie are brilliant!
+ Kate's thoughts on the two ways to look at life is exactly what we all need some days.

+ I am in love with this Wonderland tattoo, as seen on Grace's Tattoo Thursdays. This has definitely sparked an idea for my first tattoo...
+ I am completely in awe of Natalie Shau's brilliant artwork. Due to the price of her very limited print run pieces, it will probably be out of reach for a while. Maybe someday I'll be able to justify purchasing a piece! Or her artbook. That would be divine.

+ Kat wrote this brief response piece on this discussion subject: do not work for free! I tend to agree with her views in this case. Thoughts on this?

+ Lindsay and Taylor shared this delicious baked pattypan squash parmesan recipe. Sounds funky, but after seeing it, I am ready to pick up some of those funny-looking round squash at the Farmers' Market this Sunday!

+ HannaH posted her amazing toy collection, which makes my little collection look pretty sad in comparison. =) I hope to remedy that over the next few years! I would also like to visit Missing Links, the Portland store she mentions in her post, next time I'm in town.
+ Yep, more Alice. Are you really surprised? Check out Jessica's awesome freehand Wonderland nail art!

+ If I was in search of a phone case, this toaster pastry version by Danielle London would definitely be in the running.

+ I love the look of this bold, bright, sweetheart corset by Jeantrix.
+ And last but not definitely least, I loved this article by Kailey about how to make an e-Zine. Even if your'e not interested in making your own, be sure to read Pistachio. It's so colorful and fun (and free!).

Thoughts and Things Thursday is a weekly feature where I share links to articles and posts I enjoyed reading, artists I discovered, pictures I came across, and more. These may include things I found funny, heartwarming, sad, ridiculous, interesting, heartbreaking, or just important to share. Some are themed, others miscellaneous. They are things that got my attention and what I thought of them. You can read all of my T&TT posts here.


  1. Great finds!
    That tattoo is totally amazing!!!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Yeah, I am still drooling over that tattoo... hehe.

  2. Absolutely love everything about this post!

    1. Aw thanks, Tottie! Me too (obviously, hehe)!


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