Saturday, July 28, 2012

Shana Logic - Cuteness Overload Outfit

Ready for an overwhelming explosion of cute? Visit Shana Logic! It has been one of my favorite websites for a long time now. Shana Logic is all about supporting indie - it's an online boutique selling a variety of goods, all made by small businesses and independents artists. And Shana, the owner/curator, is so sweet, positive, and friendly! She occasionally gets requests for little sketches on the packing slips she sends with orders... and she actually does little drawings for her customers. Shana also rescues squirrels as a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. But I diverge (I just think she's really awesome). Anyway, I have acquired quite a few Shana Logic pieces over the years... so this outfit is chock full of SL gear!

Magical unicorns and pink octopi have lots to say to each other. Duh.

Deers in Love T-Shirt by Apple Noggin
Fluffy Bunny Necklace by Locketship
Little Lamb Belt by MyMimi
Alice Charm Bracelet by Locketship
Octo-Plushie in Love by Jayne Danger
Makeup (eyeshadows & lipstick) - Lime Crime

Except for the jeans (which are from Guess), everything was from ShanaLogic, of course. =)

Shana, you rock. Thanks for bringing so much cute to the world and helping support & promote independent artists!


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