Tuesday, July 3, 2012

June 2012 Recap and Favorites

June was a crazy month. At the beginning of the month, Pink Wonderland launched!

My favorite posts in June:
There are a lot, I know! It was hard to cut down.

I dressed up in a crazy Betsey Johnson dress and Zoe took photos of me around Portland for my launch post.

I posted my goodbye tribute to Betsey Johnson and shared my red, black, and bubbles outfit.

Jacob, Olivia, and I hiked Little Si. I shared pictures of my cactus windowsill garden, which is still (amazingly) alive, by the way!

We discovered some incredible booths and new (to us) artists at the Unique LA Spring 2012 Show and visited Tokidoki and Tarina Tarantino while we were in LA. I shared my 10 for $10 or Less gift guide and my birthday wish list... both full of products from awesome indie artists.

I made grilled cheese bites and tomato soup fondue for the first time, shared my mom's shrimp orzo recipe, and tried some delicious restaurants in Portland.

I also interviewed one of my favorite artists, Hannah Lynn, for the June 2012 Artist of the Month feature.

Blogs I enjoyed reading this month:
There are too many blogs I love to list them all here, so I'll just share a few at a time! Don't worry, more next month!

Everyday is a Holiday by Jenny Holiday - Jenny is so positive; I love reading her posts. Plus, she has the best style and somehow always manages to find the coolest things. Her Pinterest boards are among my favorites to browse, and I love her artwork. Pink, aqua, desserts, and amazing. Yes, please!

Icing and Write, by Aizzing - Pretty, funny, inspiring, and down-to-earth posts. Also, she has the cutest name ever (it's pronounced "Icing")! Aizzing is awesome and her blog makes me smile.

The Dainty Squid by Kaylah - I am amused by Kaylah's mushroom hunting posts and the cool things she comes across. Seriously, I bought shark potholders after seeing them on her blog. Oops! Hehe. Plus, she has the coolest hair!

Twinkie Chan - I love Twinkie's colorful crochet goodies and her blog is also super cool! After her recent redesign, it is full of sprinkles and pink. I'm on board with that! I love her style and her posts amuse me to no end.

Sprinkle Bakes by Heather Baird - Okay, I will be the first to admit that there is about a 1% chance that I will ever have the time and patience to make any of the delicious recipes on her blog... and an even smaller chance that they would turn out as pretty. But I love reading her blog and seeing some of the amazing things she comes up with. Her book would be a great gift for someone who enjoys baking!


I haven't had a chance to post about it yet, but the launch photo shoot for my upcoming jewelry website launch was at the end of June. I also got rainbow hair. I promise you will hear plenty more about those soon! July is going to be so much fun. =)

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